We serve a big God. Show kids how big!

The 13 Very books, a small group studies series for kids, offer easy-to-lead sessions to keep kids engaged, entertained, and growing in their faith! Each book gives you 13 weeks of material! Gather kids together and dive-in.

Each session is:

  • Flexible—adaptable for 2 to 12 children
  • Multi-aged—because you’re never sure who’ll show up
  • Low-prep—using supplies from your kitchen, office, or garage
  • 45 minutes of fun—with time-stretchers to fill an hour

Kids will walk away from the series:

  • Placing their faith in a God who has never broken a promise—and never will
  • Knowing that the same God who fixed bad days watches over them
  • Growing closer to the God who loves them no matter what
  • Exploring the eternal truths Jesus told

“All of the AWESOME lesson books are great. I use them with a mixed age group, and they are easily adapted to work with kids from 3 to 12. Sound Bible messages with activities that kids enjoy. The lessons are easy to follow for people who might not have a lot of teaching background. This is a handy book to have when you need easy, fun lessons that are Scripture based.”

13 Very Awesome Promises

13 Very Awesome Promises and How God Always Keeps Them

Kids will discover God’s promises and be encouraged to keep their promises and to place their faith in a God who has never broken a promise—and never will!

Price: $9.99

13 Very Bad Days

13 Very Bad Days and How God Fixed Them

Kids will discover how God fixed some very bad days for 13 people from the Bible and learn that the same God of long ago watches over them—and knows how to fix their very bad days too!

Price: $9.99

13 Very Big Mistakes

13 Very Big Mistakes and What God Did About Them

Kids will discover how to avoid making big mistakes and along the way your kids will grow closer to the God who loves them—no matter what!

Price: $9.99

13 Very Cool Stories

13 Very Cool Stories and Why Jesus Told Them

Kids will discover many memorable characters from 13 very cool stories Jesus told and explore the eternal truths Jesus wrapped in those stories!

Price: $9.99