HeartShaper Children's Curriculum

A heart that is shaped. A life that is changed.

HeartShaper® Children’s Curriculum is designed to help your kids discover God through His Word. Fully resourced, customizable lessons for ages 1 to 12 will help meet the needs of every child in your class.

HeartShaper even includes Special Needs Friendly activities that work well with all kids—each approved by special needs experts.

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Known by God, Connected with Others

SEEN curriculum helps you provide a safe and nurturing environment for students to discover the truth and wisdom of God—all while processing what they see in the world.

SEEN helps youth leaders speak about difficult subjects to young people, including those who may have already endured hard circumstances. Sessions have practical tips and training to help leaders (from new volunteers to seasoned veterans) be sensitive to the particular needs of teens who are experiencing the effects of stress, trauma, and conflict in their lives.

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Study the Bible like never before.

Discover more from God’s Word with a Bible study you can trust.

Quarterly Curriculum
Trusted by church leaders for over 100 years, The Standard Lesson Quarterly® provides quality, biblically sound lessons based on the ISSL/Uniform Series.

Annual Commentary
The Standard Lesson Commentary® is the perfect 52-week resource for your adult Sunday school class, personal study, and even sermon-preparation help.

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